Texas Redbud in bloom.

Texas Redbud in bloom.

I seem to be starting a new tradition of only posting on the last day of the month. I’ll be hard-pressed to keep that up, with Easter falling on the last day of March (and how crazy is that, anyway?). So maybe I’ll get into a more frequent posting groove.

Or not.

Spring has…sprung. Sprang? Sprung. Sprung. Is that even a word now? Sprung. Ahem. The skies are blue, flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and our children have gone stark. Raving. MAD.

What is it about Spring that makes them so completely insane? L can barely get through a school day without being reprimanded for goofing off and distracting the other kids lately. M is…M, but moreso. Those of you who know my children personally will understand how trying that is.

Meanwhile, my husband has escaped by taking a business trip to San Diego. I can’t wait for him to get home in a few hours so I can flee the house  let him get some quality time with the boys. Maybe then I can relax enough to get some work done. I need to update my goals, because I’ve had zero luck sneaking in work time between refereeing the rodeo of Spring Madness and preparing for our Spring Break plans.

Writing Goals:

  • Complete revision on Palace of Bone by the end of June 2013
  • Rework unnamed Earth Warden story for submission by Feb 28 (This so didn’t happen–try again!)
  • Rework unnamed Earth Warden story for submission by end of March
  • Finish draft of “To Eat Dragon” by March 20
  • Attend Dreamin’ in Dallas Conference March 29 – 30
  • Re-do outline for “Dancer” story, still not working

The new timeline is all wishful thinking. Between Spring Break right around the corner, M‘s birthday right after that, and then the conference and Easter right at the end of the month, I figure I’ll be lucky to get one of these done. But hey, you never know until you try!

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